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Kevin is a singer, radio host, entertainer, and overall classical music buff. Passionate about people and performing, Kevin has made it his life's work to cultivate a new audience for classical music and opera. He holds a strong belief that for classical music to survive it is the duty of the purveyors of the art form to bring classical music to the masses. 


"I believe that after a 40 hour work week, people don't want to work that hard for their entertainment. They want to sit back and enjoy the show. And I believe that we can help them do that, but it is up to us to bring the show to them in a setting that they can feel comfortable. They shouldn't have to meet us where we are; it's our job to approach them." - Kevin Doherty


Always with this ideal in mind, Kevin makes it his life's work to advocate for the progress and innovation of music from the classical genre. Kevin had a hand in the founding of the upstart Marble City Opera in Knoxville. In addition, he's one of the founders of Sacramento's Rogue Music Project, has participated in education outreach for tens of thousands of children and adults and has had featured roles in many different operatic and symphonic productions. Not to mention, he greets listeners every morning as the host of MORNING CLASSICAL on Sacramento's classical station, Capital Public Radio.


Born and raised on Long Island, Kevin is the youngest of six kids. As the baby brother, one has to be loud to be heard, thus ensuring Kevin a career in opera and entertainment. Kevin was fourteen years old when he discovered that he had a singing voice. Kevin went on to sing in All-County, All-State and All-Eastern choirs. After graduating from Ithaca College and his first attempt at grad school in Houston, Kevin decided to take some time off from professional singing. While working in restaurants in New York City, Kevin quenched his thirst for singing and performing at Karaoke bars. Then in 2007 after a move to Asheville, NC, Kevin auditioned for the Asheville Lyric Opera and the rest, as they say, is history. Doherty made his return to the opera stage after a four-year hiatus in 2008 in the chorus of Lucia di Lammermoor. Since that fateful day in 2008, Kevin continues to sing professionally while sustaining a career as a classical music radio announcer at Capital Public Radio in Sacramento, California.


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